A weekend with fellow species - Bannerghatta National Park

4/13/2009 08:43:00 AM

My trip this Saturday, April 11th, to Bannerghatta National Park, Bangalore, India was n't really a planned one, but since I hadn't been there before, I had kept in mind, if in case I get time off bungee-jumping, in paint-ball arena, on Bannerghatta road, 2 km before the park, I'd probably head to safari.
Me and Vani, reached paint ball arena around 11 in the morning, and seeing the huge queue I realized we' weren't early enough, they had started at 9, and when we registered, we figured our number was 70-71 and it'd be some 4 hours of waiting time for us to do it. two options to go for, we headed to the park, rather than going back to the city, and soon decided we'd go for Grand Safari. Some lunch and we were in the queue pretty much like they have it in tirupati temple, where you get Darshan's in no less than 3 hours. We chated all along and got on to that "all covered tempo traveller" safari vehicle, around 2 pm.

Well, Being the summer season, I dint expect much of the greenry and so one could see the park was all dry with few small ponds here and there, and even with my glasses on, I could hardly see a bird in there. few deers, blackbucks, cows, and then the Beer santuary, where some were lazying around on the road itself, and some were dancing around with vehicles coming and going, giving all sort of possible responses.

Its the lions area after that of beer's if I remember correctly, four of em, with two sitting together, dont knw doing what, but as if they had no connection to the external world. I figured, twenty roaring vehicles, from 10 am to 5 pm, continuously haunting around, uptill what extent these animals gonna react to 'em. so the no reaction is kinda understood. other theory is rather simple one, lunch time over, so seeing most of 'em lazying, relaxing and sleeping is much expected.
Well, a good number of tigers, in there, and we could have a close look at 'em, again pretty much having a small walk or some sleeping, as usual, I dont know if I was missing, the roars, or some happening around, everything seemed to be pretty much silent, or probably I was missing something I am not sure what.

The Grand Safari, as I see it, is not as grand as expected, I read somewhere, that the animals kept here have been rescued from circuses, the number is n't many really. Two elephants, and that safari ride reaches its end. there is this butterfly park which I skipped.

We headed to the zoo area, where we could see, some parrots, ducks, peacocks and white peacocks, then there was this one elephant family which was a treat to watch, parents playing around, adoring the kid elephant, but seeing those chains, i felt a little pain as well. I remembe rI visited Delhi zoo when I was probably two or two and half years old, I hardly remember seeing any birds or animal, but only that, My nursery teacher, Indu ma'am got me an ice-cream, holding me in her arms, she was caressing while I kept crying for some wild reason, I again have forgotten, all i remember now is her face, blurred.. well, I had a good time, but this seemed to be my last visit to the zoo since I dint really like the cages and the chains around.

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