Moody Wayanad And Meenmutty Slip

3/30/2009 03:00:00 AM

Wayanad - Meppadi Taluk View From Chembra Peak

why and when, would you want people to be wrong?
simple, when you think they ain't right! ;)

well, while everyone is all set to send me off to the third 3 days, well planned trip to karwar, I have decided to stick back home, and rest, this is alternate weekend, the second long one of the year, with 2 long ones to follow soon. almost half the Bangalore is out. and I, who's kind of getting addictive to regular outings for last 3-4 month is sitting home.

Along with cribbing about been left alone at home for two days in succession, and that of the weekend TV is has turned in to a allweek-report TV with nothing to watch but the repeat telecast of all their silly programs, they show these days, I am slowly finishing of few things pending in my kitty. and one of those is to write

this post as well. yes, too late, to recall, so too big an intro. let me get in to the time-machine and roll-over to the past right on friday the 13th and here I go.Symphony theater, it seems is topping the charts, when counting the number of visits I have made in the past, its sort of a regular now. the strangers no longer scare me. the tea stall people, the gaurds dont stare anymore. funniest of all, when I get in to the bus, driver exchanges a hello,

How have you been madamji?
ahan! ( i am suprised. does he know me. looks familiar), I am fine, Aap kaise ho? I reply back.

I take a look a the list, read the drivers' name, ...Mohan uhm! so in which trip did I meet him? I am still trying to figure out. so he knows me. I am kinda famous ha! I am talking to myself.

Wayanad had been on my mind for  a very long time, and after missing on Edakkal Caves trip in february, I couldnt miss on to the second opportunity I had got to see the place. trekking to Chembra is moderate, or may be tough too for some, adding on to the heat raising while the days pass.second fact is this forest fire season start from this month onwards till may end i believe, so it turns out to be even more of a must and last but not the least, having been to the beach twice, this is the turn to climb and peak and thats what I am doing today.

From Bangalore SH-17 takes you to Mysore, and from there, NH-212 is pretty straight up to kalpetta, it takes around 6-7 hours to reach this place. to reach chembra peak, you have to ride 2 hours to reach meppadi taluk (i guess it means the valley) and from their the steepy trek to chembra peak starts.

we had a short stop close to mysore around 11:30 pm to have a moonlight dinner, (well, eating in a dhaba and with the natural light and wind is some experience) and morning here we are at kalpetta, early around 6:45 -7. well, the first thing in the morning is to look forward for is a tea, and kerala tea! hmm.. I guess, like the making looking strange, the taste is strange too. I dint like it anyways..and stayed upbeat on where and when I'd get the taste my tounge and senses are used to next.

A quick intro session at chembra estate entrance, I could hardly remember who saying what, we some 23-24 people start off. i must say this group is pretty lively and fun to be with. though not many girls this time around, is that the difficulty level which has driven 'em away? I have know idea till now. but yes I can figure out, it doesnt look like a 6km trek from no where.

the valley is green, though not a very wide view, from this side of the hill, we keep climbing the steepy path, and reach to our so very famous heart shape lake half tired to really take a dip in to water before doing anything else or going up any further. few actually have already started on, but when I decided to just wet my feet, it kinda takes me in and I slip.
well folks, I dint do it deliberately, I am telling 'em all, though I knw none of them are convinced enough, but who cares, water is also not clean, bottom line is the lake is for your viewing pleasure and not for you to swim, take a mirror view of the peak, and move ahead and so we pat ourself and start climbing up again.

why Its a good idea, trekking with a group? you might not be able to inspire yourself, and help either, but when in a group, you just keep moving ahead, trekking is something to be done in group, and a long angle ones, u bet, even more important. the grass is burned, still its not that dry and you can use it to get a grip on the ground and pull yourself up, well I guess I find it better than walking up in the muddy areas. nothing on my back and nothing in my hands, but its still difficult.

It took us 3 hours to reach to the top, and whao, no clouds, no doubt that german lady and the old american guys made a quick trip and left. we could see vythri behind us overlapped by black clouds, and the valley in front of us. luckily the weather has not been that hot as people had predicated it would be. so we have our lunch rest for a while, talk a bit, click a bit, and start back. well you can curse my shoes, or can say I am not that used to uptill now, or say am a softcore trekker, I am the last, and the trouble comes with the shoes, hitting my toes badly not letting me walk down, not a good idea to remove 'em ad the surface isnt that great, as well, some might call it adding to the miserly the clouds starting moving right on top of my had, as i wanted 'em to be, but when did i ask 'em to rain on me?

Meenmutty Falls, Wayanad my first rainbow of the day, half behind the hill, making an ark and the rain drops, hard hitting me from top, walking back turns out to be an adventure of a kind, never experienced before, guess I am not complaining am i? I am enjoying it, though rest of the folks have already ran off to the shelter, and saved 'em there are few of us, making our way back slowly with/without stopping while rain makes a point not to stop either. drenched completely I stand at the balcony of the watch tower, penetrating in to a little lightfull area where sun blossoms in the hue of orange and offwhites. I tell to myself. alas, the wish, alas the luck shining, alas wayanad, a bit moody though..way back to the mepaddy town is supposedly the most wonderful part of the trip. white clouds in the valley beneath us looks nothing less than pure white holy cotton spread over with the greens and blues and oranges to surround. what more to ask more, there is this second rainbow of the day, the most spectacular I have ever seen, i can see all 7 colors and so I try to capture, in my mobile while my P&S rest in the bag as always, courtesy the low batteries.

we cancel the camping plan, as rain in the night seems to be a risky affair, after a long tiring day and knowing the fact, meenmutty falls has some 4 km of trekking to-n-fro to offer as well. we reach this place Ambalavayal around 11 or late, after having dinner in the midway someplace. I get in, sleep as I lay and get up only with the noisy morning, and with an enigmatic view of sunrize over edakkal hills (looking like a lady sleeping on her left) and the white valley beneath looking like a river with white splashes shining as the sun rise from the corner of the hill.Sometime its not a good idea to believe whatever these local guides say (dont knw the motive behind) but the ride to meenmutty from ambalavayal isnt scenic really. well, I doubt if by scenery they meant the flouroscent painted hut house in all possible colors burger or asian paint can every produce, I wonder if its some kind of custom. well I have nt heard of any other flouroscent color but green, but propose one you'd find 'em all here.. orange, ping, violet, huh.

alright i move ahead, meenmutty isnt easy either, pretty steepy deep down, you walking with ropes and holding the bamboo sticks, though the weather is hot, but shades are helping. well, like others I too reach the level2 and then level one with out much problem but who knws what in the offer for me..another slip hunh?

The Heart Shape Lake on Chembra Hills, Wayanad.

Guys, guys guys... i dint sing, that namak halal song, or you took in for granted not to save me but the guy, common it has to be ladies first. ha!. I dont knw swimming, and all I could do underwater is what i have learned in my two trips to karwar sea. I am cautious and so i sit in the corner, where the stream is small and relatively slow. the whole area is slipperly and the idea of getting down in to the pool though dint sound tragic, but as soon as I stand holding two corners of the rock, the a huge flow falls on my head direcly and all i remember is my right feet is slipped and I am inside.

its not supposed to be that deep, I try paddle and come up, I could see a blue -tshirt ..right shoulder which I try to hold and that fellow snatch my hand and let me go. not long enough, and I find two palms on my head both right and left, pushing me down and down inside water. I think to myself, may be this is raghu, or madhu, or some guys just playing around, this is the reason that guy dint let me hold is shoulder. But as I continue thinking while I am going down, the weight on my head feels more and more. and next thought coming in to my mind is if at all they are trying to murder me? but why?
I am still thinking, trying to pull myself up, push the water, and the hands are not getting off my head, and there is this third hand catches my hair, and I almost shout with the pain. anyone listening.. huh..doesnt look like, well. not long it takes me to decide, if this fall is haunted and this is surely a ghost, surely not gonna letme out today. another few seconds and there is this 4th hand again catching up my hair, and finally i feel that it tried to pull me out.

well., I have no idea, how long i had been there inside water or if I did breathe at all, a few minutes may be I was in? I just sit back on the fallen stem of a tree and look up. people seems to be in shock. ah.. is that a shock of the accident, or if I am sitting there fine, and not unconsious, janak was thinking I should have drunk 4-5 litres of water by now, and arvinda looks at me, even more shocked then me.

the story I dont knw much goes like , the guy i tried to hold shoulder off, was drowned himself, the two hands were of the guides, who jumped on me only (what a great idea to save someone) and then there is this guy kedar who does nothing but snatch my hair neither trying to pull me out nor leaving them so that atleast it doesnt pain atleast.

Ah the famous drowning I did, and people might call it my second life, but I dint feel it really (may be the reason I wasnt' in panic) and we sort of head back to bangalore after stopping by at suthan battery, for lunch, can be called the best meal of the trip, not soon enough that we leave wayanad and gundlapet it starts raining again. we stop by at mysore place, while I sip my cup of tea, giving a good look to the good old mysore thinking if at all it has changed? well the answer comes as no. nothing has been changed, and talk of my life, nothing is left unchanged, but everything is.

10 pm back in drizzling bangalore., feels great to complete the trip safely, much of the fun, excitement of meeting nature in its pretty different of forms, I end my day, with some tea and maggi and the old mails. what I am thinking of right now? may be a life jacket would be good enough option to carry along with....hmm..

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  1. thanks to pavan for his photos* (2,3,& 9th)...

  2. 2nd life ! Was it really that serious an incident ? Damn . we could have really got that one day holiday :-)

  3. hmm.... sorry you wont get a second chance..i m learning swimmin soon..

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