Makkalidurga -the moon the wind & the train

3/09/2009 09:48:00 AM

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Moving away from bangalore, taking a diversion from NH-7 to Doddaballapur road which runs side by side to the train route, cross it twice and meets SH-9 on the second crossing, and from there onwards SH-9 leads ahead crossing the train route for the final time exactly at the foot of hill next to Makkalidurga or Makalidurga rockhill. I could only know now, Ghati Subramanya is pretty close by rather almost adjacent to my landmark crossing on the right side.

We were pretty much delayed in bangalore itself due to traffic jams at MG road, and were out of the city almost around 10-10:30 pm last saturday 4 days to full-moon. realised on the way, not being on the highway, there weren't many food joints, but one or two, either closed, or not as sofisticated as to get in. we only found a little stall while almost reaching the destination, which was open, and could serve us idlis, dosas, and some fried rice, at the time when lounge would prefer to serve a drink. BUT, idlis were great, and so was the fried rice, which i shared with malesh, rather took his share of half.

We got down the bus and at the foot hill of makkalidurga, and started our trek up crossing the railway trek. I could remember a small temple on the foot hill where we started from and after that there was no looking back. Moon was quite bright, though I dint expect so on ekadashi (the 11th day- wow I could remember I was born on the same day as well). Soon I realised the path ahead is rocky and thorns around. 30 odd people, and it turned out a nice ascending, and then finding the nice view of the lake on the left, and the sparkling moon sneaking-peaking from a forest not so dense. we remembered our friendly neighborhood spiderman while climbing to our first rock top, and rested for a while after this act of walking all the way up with out a rope.

Welcome atop.. the high wind from the east (purvaai is what its called in hindi), said it was pretty tough to balance two shaky legs ourselves on the side paths of the fort. really. so we left the lake view and walked side by the walls in to ruined fort. situated in the middle was this small shiva temple, which has the story of saga markendya performing his penance here, the ruined fort belonged to Tipu Sultan it seemed, and that again reminded me of my patriotism story and the aftermaths. anyways. it was around 3:30 Am or so, and me and vani decided to move towards a another view point , and while rest of folks decided to sleep, along with vani's sakleshpur trek mate sarita, few of other guys joined us at our special resting point from where we could see nice view of the lake, the train chugging down the hill, and the plains around. and well, I knew it was right place to be.

while we two were joined by another 6 brave -nuts exploring around, we actually decided to trek top to the the hill across, but realized while going down and meeting this tiny trees forest, it wasn't a great idea at night, may be there was a way, there had to be, but not really easy to figure out in the night, so we came back as a count of not 8 but Nine. yup, Janak was kinda uneasy flashing torch on us all this time, and finally he came down, and met us on the way back. while folks disappeared only to appear around 6:30 to see the sunrise, I could convince vani to land right at our place.

Well, I was thinking I was toward the west, all this while and I had to go on the other side, to see the sunrise, but may be sun decided to rise from the west on sunday, and I really dint move until it was bright and then did a bit of exploration, clicked a few pics, only to get a feel, of the place, later, not that it wasn't beautiful, but actually tough to capture in a 3.2mp cam.

trekking down had been easier I must say, though a little bit going round an round , since the way back wasn't very clear. Infact then I get to knw now, is that the only way to find this hill in google maps is with these two lakes on both side of the hill. We dint really go to the lake, i heard they do some coracle etc out there too. it was heating up quickly and we finally landed back in bangalore around 11AM.

All in all a surprize in the cards, as rock climbing in moonlight, it was. Pretty nice at the top, I believe little better than Ramanagaram, or probably a different experience altoghether. well, some clouds finally I could see in bangalore sky this evening, and cool wind blowing in the night, guess I could bring a little of purvai back home for sure.

first question in the morning... it rained,,, din it?

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  1. Yup! It certainly did .. and Wednesday Morning is indeed pleasant.. and BTW on Mdurga, I see some claiming on birdwatching etc.! dont think so... may be around the lake.. but i dint find any..


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