Karwar Trip No. 2 : DevBagh

2/28/2009 02:47:00 AM

I dint plan this second trip with in a month!! its just happened and I realized god does keep note of what all you utter and wish for, but well, all depends on him , what he'd like to materialize and and what not. and well, this one was indeed quick.

having a second or multiple trips to the same place, doesn't mean its always the same, or if at all you want/can experience the same rather its not always overlapping of the old memories, but reviving the old happy and sad days back. and well, incase of traveling with a strange group of people, its invariably exciting.
Trip was organized by BMC only and the schedule was pretty much the same, but since I had been going for the second time, I wanted to check out some more places left over in my first trip, and Devbagh was definitely on top of my list. the trip was just two days long, so I fixed up on water sports for the first day and roaming around the city on my own on the second half of the day while the rest of the group treks to guddalli peak.

We took the same route as in our first trip, thought this time around without even taking as many stops for tea n food as we had taken the last time, we reached pretty late, and heat was almost unbearable. honnaver, kumta and then ankola, a 100km of a distance, and not really much of ghats, but surely the slow ones and I recalled our tempo driver was pretty rash and fast for the drive past.

anyways, welcome back as I felt it said to me, and few familiar faces like sridhar, and nitya, gave a literal meaning to it. navtara lodge was the same, and so was the tagore beach. though tide seemed to be a little higher this time. Same sports, but with a difference, may be thats what the sea water is about, same beach offers you a new dimension altogher every time you land your feet on.

Well, I initially had no plans to get in to water, but try some clicking, like filling in for dinesh and prem of the last trip, (the photographers duo) but wait a minute, name one who can resist getting in to water, on the beach. the boats were lined up, the life jackets were ready and so was I, putting up another reason, I promised neeraj to kayak with him, I geared up soon after small safety and training session and we all got in to the water.

lots of playing around in water, wild ideas of going to kurumgadh paddling, which was discarded by our safe-gaurd who sort of spotted us heading toward the island and warned us not to get in to kali river current which could have been dangerous. basically the island is situated in exact front where river meets the sea. so evident was the current and its kind of impossible to kayak in that area. anyways coracling was fun, and then enjoyed banana racing and surf boards, alright, I dint stand on it but floated around lying on my stomach, and swear it was quite a fun.

I wasn't that interested in seeing the sunset, but never knew when it went in to the sea, all i was trying to experiment with the perpendicular boat positioning if at all i could see some fishes jumping out of the water, but never got lucky. well Mike, and neeraj must be thinking, I was fooling around, but I tell you the other day sure wasn't a full moon one Mikey.

A few of us did get back for a walk to tagore beach museum area after dinner, and witnessed the waves in mercury lights, karwar port and ships floating around with blinking lights and their shade on the layers of water reaching the shore was amazing and soothing to the eyes. I wish I could spend all night there, but we had to get back.
As planned earlier, booked a taxi next morning and headed on the right side of the city, with couple of other folks interested, or rather the one who dint want to go for a tiring trek. first stop at kodibagh, though we dint get down of this spectacular kalinadi bridge but spotting the sea beauty, the islands the fisherman boats, house boats on both side of the bridge, and everything was so beautiful, the mix of natural blue and the green, water and the land, lush green hills on the side, and bright sand on the other.

for those who dont want to trek all the way to guddali peak and still wishing to see a hilltop view, sadashivgadh fort site is a very good alternative. a little crossing over the river bridge a right turn to a small adjoining hill will take you the point exactly where the bridge ends. a famous devi temple is situated a little below the top while the small fort structure is converted in to lodge/resort. I found both the bridge and devbagh view very amusing, spent some time there, and started right toward devbagh later after.

To people who say its heaven, well, I have no idea how does heaven look like, I would just say, this is one place, which offers almost everything one would want for a long get-away. walking down the beach, and trekking in the lagoons of devbagh, to the huts of lodge and uptill and back the tip of devbagh where you can see the bridge again, I think am a little lost of words here on how t describe, and I would rather leave it on the pictures, cause when it comes to natural beauty this saying that pictures speak more than words, is more than true. all I was wondering of how would it be in monsoon.

The road to devbagh and back, one can always drive along the beach, and reach to goa border from its tip, you can spot a few small-small islands on the shore, you can reach swimming, I am not sure if the population of karwar, or the safety at that particular beach area, I dint find too many moveable objects named human around, the boats were few, a total secular yet seductive place i would name it as. knowing that I might not get to play with water anymore after I leave from here, I got out, and had my time in the water.

Back from the right side of the city, we headed towards karwar port and a little ahead, towards indian navy's sea bird project which is nothing but two rocky bridge in perpendicular shape connecting an island to the hill at the shore. Since I knew of the permission issue to get in to that area, I decided to stop by the walls on NH-17 and take few picture, get back to the engineer's house and rest under and banyan tree, where this time around, we got lucky to spot a bunch of beautiful white birds playing on the beach. (compensation for the fishes and dolphins?)

All explored, left tilmati again, for another trip may be, back to the lodge, waited for rest of the group to come back, who were exceptionally late this time, (we trekked the whole length in 3 hours and they took 6) some brunch, cancelled yana trip back in bangalore, took hubli route to avoid ghat section and back home monday morning at 7. all in all A fulfilling trip on sightseeing, trekking and adventure sports, with not much of a bonding, though So I might not recognize all 30 faces, but karwar I can. till I cya again, I wave my good-byes to karwar and kandy who'm I couldnt meet this time.

first trip to kawar - post
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  1. Good Place for honeymooners,
    thinkers, philosophers, need time alone.. full privacy .. !!!
    Well, I went Alone..Twice.. Limits.. Aah..

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  3. thanks for appreciating the post & pics.. and thanks for inviting.. sure fly by the page.

  4. Thanks for Karwar trip Explaination.This is definately going to help in planning the trip.


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