Karwar Aqua Sports Trip

1/29/2009 10:57:00 AM

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Now I know How difficult it is to recall the whole stuff and write a blog on a trip, after few days, I should have kept making notes like in my previous tadiyandamole trip, but I had been ragther busy and tired this time around to actually write notes in the middle of the trip,

and hence all the delay and confusion on where to start and what to write and what not. anyways, I had this one post on my planning of going to karwar, all the excitement and the kickstart, and then I wasn't really sure, how its going to be. the plan was tentative, much of explorative, which is infact fun. specially when the whole lot search and re-search work concluded a go find. well talk about beaches in india, and people would have goa on their lips. these days , people do have the alternative names like gokarna, mangalore, pondi etc.

  but still not much info available rather not very publicized in thats sense, and trust me its good atleast those aint spoilt like most of THE FAMOUS places. you can atleast have a peaceful holiday rather than being part of the crowd.

So How it all started? well, Jan 24-26 turned out to be best time around and Neeraj could arrange things up and we came up with a plan of having some water sports, forest trek and an island trip in the whole plan. since I was much interested on coming back via mangalore in day time, though not very convinced he agreed upon it. I remember i had a day trip to murudeshwar some 3 years back in my visit to udupi, the rain and backwaters, beaches and the very fact that I saw the sea for the very first time in my life, made it one of the trip we people still talk and cherish of. so now when I'm back in india, I got this quest again to see blue n green together,

and though I had not been doing really well since I landed in bangalore some 3 months back, I decided I needed to get out.

The Tiny Tempo Traveler and Dumb-C Sessions - 01/23/2009, 9 PM

The last minutes registrations led us to distribute people in two vehicles, one tempo traveler and another qualis. Vani thought its a good idea to get in qualis, but as always I could convince her to board a
bigger vehicle for if not much leg space behind driver's seat (my fixed one as always) but breathing at least. Not very ahead of Bangalore, we started on playing dumb-charades. well, knowing that I had played it only twice in my life-time and both time getting screwed up badly on acting, I kept myself only upto guessing and suggesting the movie names. the group was rather lively and active, and I thought that was the only advantage of travelling in a 12 seater tempo. Our finds of the nights were the Dumb-C Expert Satya, and Mr. Micheal Clayton urf Tipu Sultan urf Sameer, well more than that he was reminding me of Sanjay Khan in the Sword of TipuSultan, the very dance of Micheal Jackson, was something, none of us is gonna forget so soon.

We stopped twice for Tea and twice for Dinner as well (one failed and one successful find food session @kamat) and there we were out of bangalore entering in to ghats of north karnataka, happy and sleepy as well.

Jog Falls - 01/24/2009, 5:30 AM

This morning had been rather unusual, with the very basic reason of me not been able to sleep through out the night, I kept looking left, right and front, while dawn was breaking. hard to capture, but the very look of the moon with morning sun rays, almost breaking in before the sun could be welcomed was a delightful scene and little refreshing for the eyes. we had a need to stop somewhere and Jog Falls was obvious choice. As neeraj told earlier, there was hardly some water there, But I got really suprized seeing so many people there. I was wondering if they for explicitly there for jog falls for like us stopping by in their long journey. anyways, No water, but Still a good sight and Sun Rise, we took a break, freshened up and headed onwards. (freshened up? Well, I actually slept off and all I remember is crossing a little pond on the left with very pretty lotus flowers (again something I saw for the first time - my second delightful sight of the trip)

Reaching Karwar and First Glimpse of Sea 01/24/2009 ~10:30 AM

I get up around 9:40 to see that we have reached this placed called Kumta, and the vehicle is stopped for fueling. its kind of hot which I thought was likely in the month of Jan. the route we had taken was bangalore -> tumkur -> ariskere -> shimoga -> sagar -->Kumta. karwar is around 70-80 Km from this town. Since we were kind of late, I thought it'd be better idea ot shift the water sports activities to the next day, but then thought, not to touch the already defined plan. the Journey from bangalore to karwar had been really long and taxing one, but very sight of blue water, made the whole laziness fade. we met sridhar at karwar chowk in the main town, got in to the loadge pretty nearby, had breakfast in udupi rest. and got all charged up for our first activity of the trip at tagore beach.

Aqua Sports

Tagore beach is the main town beach with resort, museum and lighting quite like malpe beach in udupi. on the left of it is karwar port and right its got a long curve connecting it with devbagh island by road and kurumgarh and another small island on the right. the beach is spectacular, with bright shining sand, and surf blue water. the waves aren't too high and the range is wide as well, which makes it perfect for any sort of water sports except ofcourse diving and snorkeling as you'd get depth only a good half to one km inside the sea. well, I have never done any beach activity except playing with waves, and I don't know swimming as well so for me it was kinda ideal. we kick started with 4 boats one coracle, 2 kayaking (1 and 2 seater each), and one canoeing boat amongst 19 of us. well, personally I found coracle the toughest with boat going round and round in water and not moving ahead at all. finally I got down and while waiting for other boats to get back to the shore, I had a good light chat with Nitya and took some swimming tips from him as well, and apparently it helped me out in my rest of the activity for the day though i hardly expected it.

kayaking turned out to be the activity of the lifetime for me, In a two seater boat, when I moved ahead in water, i was just trying to be adventurous or probably was in mood of just enjoying. I never thought it'd be addictive. we kept rowing and went quite far from the shore for people to be visible. all i could see was the other side close to the karwar port. I had got some information before, of another beach on that direction, so I thought of exploring it, if we could go there in the evening or later sometime, but when we reached and touched the shore, all it had the big stones and crabs. we were happy we rowed almost 2 km and thought we'd get back making a round to the port and then to the beach, but way back was a disaster in a way, and we realized our boat was going zig-zag. while all the struggling was on, the very sight of dolphins instantly took all our frustration and tiredness go away and we were chilled again, but I dint know if another surprise is still waiting for us on the shore.

We actually landed our boat quite far from the place we had to tie it, and as a resultant we had to get down from the boat and push it off parallel to the beach and move ahead. the waves went across the boat and that unknowingly made us see one of the most wonderful sight of little sunshine fish jumping all across the boat in the number of a thousand. fish on the boat, all around me, shaking, and making me scream, Once I realized how joyful it was, I couldn't stop playing around with the boat, putting it against the force and in the process we enjoyed the whole experience for rather longer time. I was amazed and so were the people on the beach, who came for the evening walk.

Though My screams were loud, but I could reach Prem (our official trip photographer) a little late, I hope he got some pics of the event, and once I get it, I am gonna post it for sure. if not, give me sometime, and I m gonna sketch it for ya. ;)

anyways, who says too much of exercise kills us, we were having a kill, last but not the least, we had banana boats, those were more fun as most of the people said, and then wind surfing, where we could only get the blades, well, I decided to go for it in my next trip possibly since I got drowned in water twice when on banana boats, in the middle of the sea, and I realized it was good idea to learn little paddling and throwing water from mouth, coz it really helped me coming back to the shore, and for the first time in my life, the water dint enter my nose, (god knows /nose? how) and offcoz i realized that how big a deal of wearing a life jacket.

Enough for the day, we cancelled the night beach trek (courtesy our loooooooonnnnnnnnng dinner, and our drivers boozing), I got back to sleep, and few of us decide to go for some card game called "uno", for which I can SAY that was fun with out even playing it myself coz I could hear people laughing and shouting till I moved slowly into different world. zzz.

Guddali peak 01/25/2009 9AM

Sunday was dedicated for the forest trek, and we started pretty much on time, though I realized it was better to start around 5 AM in the morning (CALL ME CRAZY), since it got pretty hot till we reached the peak. the trek i first thought was a nominal but turned out to be one of the most natural one, I could trek. well yes i was comparing it with my previous tadiyandmole trek, with more of coffee plants and crops, then the real jungle.

guddali peak has got its name from the village guddahalli which is almost at the base of the hill, a 150 + population with so very friendly, hospitable, and very religious humans and animals, the village is another nice retreat to the eyes, away from the matrix of machines and buildings. people speak Kannada i guess, and women dresses were attractive indeed (pretty much same as one I clicked in gokarna -below) more than anything, I found my little love whom I instantly named kandy and took him all the way up to the peak with me, and back to the village, I wanted him to bring him back to Bangalore with me but hell, I obeyed others for the first time and I regretted as I miss him now, yup kandy is a little puppy, who must be having a great time at lovely guddahalli village along with his pals while i miss him here in Bangalore, hope he's remembering me too.

anyways more on guddali, more of on attachment, that its got my nickname as well, I love the whole trek, the only thing i felt bad about was that the trek doesn't have any spring or rather one or two dry ones. village folks told, there are tigers as well in the jungle but they don't eat humans rather take away animals from the village, people are very religious and we found many small and big beautifully structured temples on our way to the peak. trek by its looks seemed not very explored which makes our experience even better, and the 270 degree view from the top (of sea, the whole town, kali river bridge and the ghats), makes this 6-8 km trek a worth.

Oyster Island and the sunset in the middle of the sea

who said we have had enough of karwar by now. after lunch and we headed to karwar port. as many boats and as many lots of fishes( dry and dead) , fishermen, women busy in their daily routine, birds flying up high, the site was both smokey and smelly, but It dint took us much time to get used to of the smell really. and we got busy clicking and acting japannese all ove again. we hired a fishing boat named padma, which took us to oyster island ( a light house, rocks, and well, you can get down offcourse if you want, and find urself cast away), down south, a little form the port, for a view of sunset. boat ride both awesome from the front and the back, , not only added another to the lifetime of memories, we sang, we posed, and flirted with the sea beauties sophies, amba etcetra etcetra. (all ships and boats ;))

back from the boat ride, we headed to devbagh, had a short trek, played with cold waves, and also decided to settle down peacefully for a while. I thought devbagh again was a better visit in the day time, since the bagh or garden thing isnt really visible in the dark, and nor you could see the dead end in night. so after spending sometime there, we headed a little up goa border, to find the black sand beach called tilmati which i found on the book i borrowed from our hotel manager (he must be cursing me for not returning it back to him) . it turned out in that the beach we found close to the border wasnt the black sand one but with thousand of crabs, those were running around and we got in to a marathon with them trying to catch them while they kept getting in to their deep holes on the beach. Real one it was and I thought Every single event is turning out a new adventure something i have never experienced before. I was happy. had a plan to pack the dinner and have it on the beach as well, since my beach camp plan wasn't really got materialized. but the majority was in favour of leasures & worldy pleasures and I postponed it for the next time.

Gokarna and Murudeshwar 01/26/2009

Monday was the day back to bangalore. around 6:30 AM we started and we could got very good sunrise on the left on hills and the sea view on the right with lots of plantations. Some confusion in drivers brain, and we missed belikeri (22 km from karwar) , reached OM beach ( around 50-55 KM) spent some time there, got back to gokarna,visited temple and had breakfast. OM beach was a beauty the only thing i felt bad about was the garbage stored centred on beautifully structured rocks and smelling so horribly.

Murudeshwar was another disappointment for me, since I found it better when I visited in 3 years back. it was crowdy and too much covered up this time around with fair and people and noise. the only good thing, well the beach was cleaner than before. and people there were having great fun.

Time was a constraint, But I dint know when we took the shortest route to bangalore, until i realize there were no back waters and maravanthe, but only dry ghat section. disappointed a bit, I thought I might sleep, but I actually dint and rather we kept having fun with our back to pavellion dumb-C sessions, laughter sessions, and "who's in in the party" session (nice game it was really) .

11:00 almost and back home, with shoulder paining and feet all swellon up till knees, and coughing on, still satisfied and happy and fresh. karwar had been one hell of a trip to remember, and to add more on to, i could find lot many places worth a visit again and again and again. those later in a separate post, I m so damn tired right now.so ending this post with the links to the pics. videos to be the posted later.......have fun! bfn

More Photos @: flickr
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  1. A very informative post Poonam. You could have well written 3 posts by diving the content [:)]. I've given a link to your post in my latest post.

  2. Thanks Kalyan! Your dead right, had been so difficult to jot down 3 whole days in one post.. since there is enough I gathered on the places around and I m mostly going to make few more trips that side, I'd probably have more posts coming up in future on karwar and around.. keep checking.. keep commenting..

  3. It was nice Reading about your Karwar trip... Karwar is not yet a Destination for travelers, its only a "on-the-way-to-Goa-town"...
    And there are a few Fun-opportunities for travelers to choose Karwar as a destination, unless it is someone like Nobel Poet Rabindranath Tagore..
    Keep visiting...


  4. Thanks Yogesh, Well I think Its pretty popular now , like other karnataka beaches.. but at the same time I would like it to retain its serenity and peace as it is, rather than being crowded or competing with any other destination, because thats what makes it unique.

    keep commenting..

  5. As they say ,no pain no gain.Though you have got swollen feet and shoulders at the end of trip but it will melt out with the passge of time probably in a week or two but whatever joy you had on that trip ,would be long lasting .So keep your spirits high and get ready for new adventure.

  6. As they say ,no pain no gain.Though you have got swollen feet and shoulders at the end of trip but it will melt out with the passge of time probably in a week or two but whatever joy you had on that trip ,would be long lasting .So keep your spirits high and get ready for new adventure.

  7. hii ..we guys are planning to visit Karwar....can u let us know in which hotel/resort u guys have stayed and hw was that and the details of  cost etc......

  8. Hi, very interesting trip and useful post... karwar is funtastic place in Sea side India...


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