The Tadiyandamole Trek

12/22/2008 01:17:00 AM

And finally I could decide, I know am almost 5 years late, but its better to wake up before I really need a stick to stand and walk with, its difficult to overcome fears, until you try real hard, and well, those born along with you, are headstrong you know, need few examples? well... india, culture, people, night, groups, adventure... ah the list is pretty long but ends right up at security

I want to go for Kumarparvata, lots of friends suggested its being one of the most beautiful trek, they know, I am tired of mechanicals playing with machines, meanwhile turning to a robot myself. so there I go check for some upcoming treks, exchange a few mails/chats with Neeraj, (a little known is better than stranger), try to fill in little confidence within inside of me, if at all its a great idea to go with group of strange people, and that too for 2 days ( read nights). and well! he suggests that Coorg trek could be better since I have almost nil exposure to Indian Trekking world and besides he's going himself so I can feel better, (at least one person on board whom I know if not more, but a little). and I agree upon.

20th is coming close, and I am dead busy, eaten by bugs alive, strangely I cant find even a lonely one, I have still not packed up, though i know i am pretty bad in it, and I really need to work ahead, avoiding un-neccessary stuff to be carried all along and bein brought back. Ok! its 18th today and no option but to finally look at the reminder of tasks jot down in the outlook popping every now n then. so I am catching things up now,

really, is it required.. ?
Offcourse, need some memory shots dont you?
what are other's for?
Hmm.. basically I dont want to act jappennese click click.. as vijay said rightly..but still I put of some cell on charging, and ah! that reminds me that I still have'nt got the battery of my almost 3 years old canon A5/6 i got from US. high time, I should.

Bag, clothes. etc..etc.. and 18th is over.

19th evening..and am still watching mahabharat.. sorry but I cant skip it. cooking? just the rotis and what else?.... music?....damn it.. i still have to search for earphones.. atleast of one of the mobiles. what about the bluetooth? no volume only.. Ok .. songs? Ah.. got to transfer.. lets transfer junk I downloaded from limewire, sometime. no energy to start up the other lappy.. no time even.

I check the batteries, must have been charged by now? putting up those on to the camera, and wow, its not powering on.. hell.. the same old story.. glad i charged both the cells fully. E71 for clicks, HTC for notes and calls. ok thats it baby all set.

8:00 PM and I am eating, watching balika vadhu, bring my bag out, cool! various zips are'nt working. what happend all of a sudden? Ok I fix it somehow. clock ticks and my mind runs harder, even before the start of the trek?, going to MG Road?, getting in to bus, going to trek? ....have you gone mad? ok! once in a life time... agreed may be I am. lets go now!

out at 9:00PM and I stand in a corner waiting for an auto, one on the other side of the road, takes a drastic turn, and here it is, 120 for MG Road... what is 120? I ask, I guess I have lost my mind, I realize later, he's asking for Rs 120. anyways, the other one is ready with 10 bucks extra, and guess, he is taking his own sweet time, near NGV doing I dont know what, may be fueling, checking things with the owner, since many autos' standing out there, who care by the way, I need to reach by 10. I check my cell, no missed calls? Mom really lost me it seems, its friday, one message in there, "Enjoy the trek, I'll miss it"

I am here at symphony sharp 9:29, n with my not so good distance eye sight, I can see 2-3 guys in the left corner most. since m not to sure, so i dont approach 'em. there are two gaurds on the right side of me as well. Ah! i can trust this uniform, even more, after 11/26, I ask them if its symphony only wats wrong in cross checking , its been long i've been here.. no board either. up on stairs, to get it and there is this open space, with few chairs and tables, may be for gaurds, i decide to walk in. no lock and i thank god, i put my bag on the table sit aside on the chair facing out, I see one of the gaurds comin in. (must be coming catching me only, i think) and yes he' comes and ask me why m i there, I tell him I am gonna wait here for the bus, going with a group and guess its safer inside. he nodes. Good Girl, yup.. safety is the top priortiy.. i know . I call the BMC guy, anything wrong in verifying? not at all. he assures he'd be here in another 20-30 minutes, and i can ring him back for issues if any. now what I sit back, start typin, while one of the gaurds with his mates sits behind me, engaged talking, playing some music while I look out the the same time, its seems people really 've started gathering in. 35 is a good number. isnt it? 21.51 the clock ticks. who knows they gonna start at 11?


a little more of times passes, and I think of having a good look out with my specs on. some one with a list, could be the person i called? I decide to come out, Neeraj said, he is sending a Tall, handsome, and single, guy for the trek, I know he's 55+ himself, cant trek anymore, but here comes a bald guy, well I dont look further. total rip off. I know I had a bad start.

its 23:40 got in half an hour back.around in the outskirts of bangalore and voices from behind have almost died. excitement is one of the emotion bound to last not to long. I open my bag, my seat mate is asleep it seems. we both have come alone, kind of strange, so exchanged a few words , besides i think 2 days is plenty of time to talk really. anyways.. no missed calls missed.. actually but suffling the other one, cant find the songs i FTPed sometime back. its just one in the sms folder, Ok so play on! and another bomb, earphone doesnt work. anyways. camera isn't handy, if this too goes, its only that smokey fogy hongkong skyline ahead tomorrow. so better let me battery be alive. i shut it off.


close to mid night and time to try probably one of my best talents now. sleep!
20th Dec.

its 3:53 am right now. half asleep may be I am, and the guy I have heard in sleep knocking drivers' glasses, is back. he was asking to stop the bus at some ladies restroom then, I wonder no men's needed? apparently the driver dint stop anywhere. so now he's asking it to stop anywhere in the jungle. natural emergencies....

ghat is started and its the same vomit feel again, the assistant is shouting loud, students, camp training..students...entry check is it? I wonder, no one gets in really.. this is after 11/26 offcourse.

anyways last two nights i was dreaming of blue baby elephants and golder mermaids, and right now all i can dream of is my bed. easy sleep. how important.. it is na!


4:48 AM, there is this red alert. am I really sleeping? the bus had stopped for a while, and its just started movin, and some fainted voice from the back, looks like one went missing. and there you go, the red guy in the middle of the road. bus runs on the reverse gear, he gets in there gets the clapping for his achievement. I think of the red, visibility haan? well be unique on way or the other at least in a groun.. if you'are noticed, then only you can get it?..

this is it. the adventure is getting started and no time to type any more. we get down at virajpet, freshen up only though we plan for a juccuzi, meet our lady loves. and few more folks. so no one is a stranger any longer, except that there are groups formed like anywhere else. breakfast, tea and 8:30 am, the road trip is started only to stop at this truely good palace. actually the trek is to start from this point. we explore this sort of guest house, school and little stall where there is no tea available offcourse.

One of the best thing that could happen is that we dont need to carry our bags. atleast up till its possible. and who cant be happy. one bad thing that could happen is the comments start flowing from here and there. ignorance is the bliss. the walk starts and you know I cant talk. I could only manage a middle spot, since the last spots are reserved by few folks. atleast i can say, I am not the slowest first time trekker.

till the time we reach at a diversion, we had a little playing and posing at a spring on the way. now i hear there is a fall near by, not the one (chelwara) which is plan to visit. the decision is to explore gets unanimous voting and we head downwards. little of chating, slippering, and knowing each other and trekking alone the way has it all.. all that i dont find is wild-life. not even a insect around. coffee plants are not really attractive i should say. I meet a spider, a jack fruit tree and few workers in the middle. I pick two of the baby jackfruits to make jack-fruit part-2 on monday, remembering what happend in my last adventure, with them.

few minutes back, we were really un assured of if there is any fall at all, some one might have been playing with us. but to see the flow infront now, none could be more happier than us. we play, we jump, we pose again and move upwards.hero is all i can remember seeing this little unknown waterfall. before i could really stop jumping around, making sure, i touch ever little string of water, guys are all down under, and later what happens is hysterical. atleast too me, since i haven't seen those scene on TV as well ;) all i think is of june's calender picture, with a girl in the middle and semi clad boys all around. some director reading the blog can take this idea, no patent for sure. I am wondering if salman himself could shy aways seeing it.

back again towards the peak, some lunch and we are accompanied by a little doggy named champak lal by whom i really dont know. we put up our tents, on a hill, arrange the bon fire, some dinner, some anatakshari, some night trek toward the left and another controversial one towards the right, not to happen, yet chandrakala had been quite ready if at all we reach the peak at night. I remember the moon light. the drive to lake tahoe, and white snow and something missing there and here.

another night, and as I was suspecting, our tent has been pitched at the wrong place, and well I and CK are the unfortunate ones to sleep on rocks. she take a side and probably sleeps, all I did is to sit back for hours and wait for the morning to come. meanwhile I hear lot of nice words i havent heard for long. 5:45 and glad the vani and shubha get up and we decide to go for our morning walk along with CK before anyone's wake up. I am told, I had been answerning in sleep. I am glad i was only humming and not walkng in my sleep. all I remember that I was in some reverse z positions and trying to create some traffic streams of protocols. never mind if you dont understand what i am talking.

today is certainly a better day, and almost everyone is up and running to the peak around 6:40 kickstart. the sad part is sun has risen already. and by the time we have reached the peak its rays are kind of dancing around playing with shadows. the view I dont know if I can describe really, but all I know is of two things. I cant introspect. and I want to jump. not that I am planning to commit a suicide i am too young and reason less for it. but rather the height tempts me to really jump, high time i should try, wish i could do it infront of arnold's house.

back crossing the jungle again, which is beautiful and SAFE (no squirrels even), we check out the little spring close down there. this is the third one i guess, and meanwhile witnessing 2 foreigners sitting on the rock all lost in themselves. coming back we sort of sort out difference btween the hindi "F***" and english one. well, if at all you cant resist, watch mtv and say WTF thats enough.

lets not talk about the breakfast and the packing part of it, i guess I am too tired. I am wondering if we are going to chelwara, we' probably gonna miss the golden temeple which I wanted to see badly. remember my last post on bailakappe, yup this is that one. but here comes the big fall, and we get drenched again. this time in a little decent manner. and happy that we did.

back in virajpet, vegiterians do a trek again for eat, while non vegiterian get busy in catching chickens, yup they take almost triple the time, and there comes the final announcement, we aren't going to monestry. and i think I am the only one who look or feel disappointed.

way back all i want is a tea and a glimpse of jss mysore, but guess, it never went there, and we reach mandya, Ah! its the mechanical cafe coffee day, same as in all the airports across the world, why the hell we cant see a dhaba. I tell myself,.,stop complaining.. you fool. check your back its aching. and what about you knees.. not in good shape either.. take care.

group pictures, talks of meeting again, complains of the bad past experience of people turning off promising to meet again, and bla bla and bla, fortunately what i was imagining in my dreams, hasn't been the case, and the bus drops me half a km away, but well, no auto and walking on the right side of the road with people staring at you at 12:30 PM or is another adventure I get in to, I thought i could avoid. somehow, I see that I am home and this is it.

what next, a tea, some news, checking mails which is my primary job and what i could see is my little cutie pie finally..

amazing day...and 2'o'clock now it ends. monday morning is kind of suprizing since I get up at 7:14 which i thought was unlikely, still stay in bed dreaming, till i its high time getting ready for office.

and I can feel all my bones broken now. its hard to move. so I type. type till this ends. and guess I have done a good job. 4:25 and time to catch the cab. somehow monday blues are over.

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