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So its pretty much all of a sudden, I'm thinking about the temples, mandir is whats its called in hindi, house of god, a place where you find peace, a place where you meet yourself, a place where your wishes come true. so here i jot down a list of temple I visited so far. (in my memories, dont remember the one i'd been as a kid) and offcoz, as I cant find most of pics in my notebook so connecting to the details and picture I found during my "google" search. rest are offcoz my copyrights ;)

  1. Livermore temple,CA,USA: starting with the latest, livermore temple is the one I visited on jan 1st 2008. slow traffic and the queue for darshan with thousands of people from indian origin made me feel as I'm somewhere in India. good arrangement and very well managed and hugely popular. and well as far as wish is concerned I asked for the same thing as the gods of rest of 30 places.

  2. Sunnyvale temple, USA: nice one. visited in the evening, couldnt see much.
  3. Shiva temple Airport road, Bangalore India: behind Kemp-fort (shopping mall) atmosphere in this temple has some sort of cooling effect, takes all your heat out. visit and you'd feel you'd been to meditating session. history offcoz in the link.

  4. Krishna temple, koramangala: small temple in the road side the first one I visited while in Bangalore. Picture i really need to search for.
  5. Prasanna ganapathi temple, koramangala Bangalore: My regular one, I think I have a big connection with the place. and the head of the place too.
  6. Krishna temple, udupi: Another very famous temple in karnataka, specially for its rituals, and Bhoj (the food (tasty food) is cooked for thousand of people, very large scale) and that of historical significance too.

  7. ganesha temple, udupi: ganeshji is my favorite. anywhere anytime.

  8. murudeshwar, Udupi: the biggest Shiva statue I have ever seen, its built on a hill surrounded by sea from 3 sides. beautiful view.

  9. lake temple near Mangalore: this one I remember especially because of the kids, the front room of this lake temple serves as a school for the kids of the village.

  10. madhur temple, Kasaragod: another one of great importance, specially the day of ganesh chaturthi, there are kilometers long queues of devotees for darshans.
  11. temple on the way to bekal from kasaragod sea on the other side. sorry no picture.
  12. siddhivinayaka temple, mysore: lovely temple, most memorable.

  13. chamundi devi temple, at one of the famous place of mysore, chamundi hills, the goddess is our family goddess, I went twice, But never been able to enter inside, because of the queues.
  14. laxmi temple, chennai: just on the seashore, I find this temple as another example of great architecture. specially I have never seen a multi-floor temple where you have god sitting on each floor. but anyways I loved it.

  15. tirupati temple: everyone knows, everyone goes. from celebrities to the comman man. I dont understand why tirupati balaji listens to aishwarya and not me :( one fine day he has to.

  16. padma laxmi temple: this temple is the one known to be a must visit while coming back from tirupati temple ( to have your wish granted specially)
  17. birla temple, jaipur, rajasthan: something different from above, one of the temple made by Birlas, one of the attraction from Jaipur tourism.

  18. kela devi, karauli, Rajasthan:
  19. balaji temple, mehandipur, Raj: full family visit to these two places 18 and 19, we were kids then, while goddesses at karauli has most number of visitors in navratri times of the year, balaji is famous to cure ill people. I would say, some one should go there and really look at the way people are treat. something like tere naam? i think so.

  20. Khawaja Moinuddeen chishti Ajmer, Raj: One afternoon, two bus tickets and 10000 doubts, and we were on our way to meet khawaja. I have no idea if I got what i really asked him. but my friend didnt. may be the case was none of us were sure enough. I guess I was.
  21. chandi devi temple, Haridwar

  22. mansa devi haridwar:

  23. har ki paudi ghat temple haridwar: 21,22,23 must visit again. I think I made a little slideshow video and posted sometime back .
  24. fatehpur sikri, Agra: for now I would just put the link here. I have to really find the video tape out.

  25. kokilavan shani temple, kosikala, mathura: why people go to shani temple? long answer, sometime later may be. another famour temple, thousands of people to witness on saturdays and free bhandara food, My experience is enough to write another post on it.
  26. shiv temple bateshwar: I visited this place some time 10 years back may be, was completely taken by suprize. heard that no one has ever been able to count the number of temples in the row. mostly said, its more than 101 or probably thats the number. the other suprize is each temple is named on some name of god shiva, and each has got a different shape and size of the shivling. next time if I'd ever be at this place again, I'm hoping I can see each one of them.
  27. mohan nagar temple ghaziabad: earlier far, now quite near by, this temple is modern and nice. meet good, have nice time remembering him and come back. actually you can do more like eating road side chats and icecreams and .......like total hang out. this is just next to narendra hridyalaya. (hospital)

  28. arthala peer: thursday special, I visited this dargaah while I was graduating. He still havent listened to me.
  29. chatarpur devi temple: really coming up well, lots of development going on.
  30. akhshar dham temple: newly built, world famous. more on site.
  31. a temple near the river kwari: I'll remember this as my longest ride to reach god's home.

    (Note: more pics and links to be added later, click to enlarge. )
  32. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:HKSW_ManMoTemple_60211_65.jpg (March 21st 2008)

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  1. extension to the post,
    Man Mo temple HongKong I visited on my way back to India In march, couldnt click a pic so passing the link from Wiki.


    P.S. a job for the blogger: add pics option in comments too.


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