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2/24/2009 05:32:00 AM

Originally Posted : 9/23/2008

"So You talking experience", some voice came from the back.
I thought, yeah, quite right, thoughts turn experiences, and experiences giving birth to thousand of new thoughts. experiences of living a dream, experiences of watching a movie, of a trip, of those tales told in such ways you living every tiny moment of it yourself. experiences of togetherness, the past. then there are those certain thoughts in need to be provoked, they stay still in the back of your mind, they wake up on some call, like a deja vu, yeah, i felt something similar, this happend to me, or someone sometime had lived it.

I met this one drummer some 4 or 5 years back, I dint know anything about him and Now everything? backstage talks, stage moments, all that noise, live music some rythmic notes floating in a load, just like that one plane in the clouds, or a ship in the endless ocean. something unique taking everyone on a high. few go all crazy jumping, few just waves their hands in appreciation, and few sit back just look all around. aint those live performance like that of a campfire.. a little warmth for everyone? anyways, I had been to series of live shows, since then. offcoz, i have never been to those big ones, but on very small scale only, shared some life with those so called performers and band members, some of them i am kind of witnessing their lives even, a little less and more. 20 something kids ( take it) with those guitars and drums, and everyone wanting to make it big. a long lists on myspace, and endless names. the question in mind, what music? what future? and why this whole band thing?

I am nt going to talk about this instant fame here, but the survival, it develop as a hobby, performing is one art, music is one. a singer want to be heard, an actor want to show of his talent. consider the money comes later. its a kind of thirst. its easy to find the like minded people and join hands together for a common goal. jamming together and well even performing now is no dream (talking bout india specifically).

I was in LA few months back, and on that santa monica street i stopped by seeing some kids performing live. all set with their instruments wired, and moments scripted well, the 8-10 year old girl was singing "no one" by alicia key then a hit, and with due respect to alicia, the girl was 100 times better. so another alicia in the making i thought and moved on. and kept crossing some crowd, some songs, one after another. well, I dont know how easy its going to be for these music fanatics to make it big but glad they knew what they want. and they were all started at such tender age.

Back home too its time, but probably a bit later, my guitar teacher, then ,who's still a college student, won best band for the south zone. they were beaten by delhi band in the final round. he was all excited on his achievements. but it came as quite a surprize to me when he said, its good but i want to become one like you. surely a few year older, independent, in a good job, adult attracts him. he says no one respects him, he meant his family, the society. and he wants to earn that respect. playing guitar, being a part of a nice band isn't that good enough and not at all his goal of life.

One pretty popular a name now in desi rock scene, says, his life is devoted to music, he doesnt want to do anything else. he while once was a failure, attempted the second time, form a band, and now he's quite successful. he is on his first international tour these days. all this he's seeing, after spending some portion of his life at a mental hospital and with some of his personal life ruined. he is satisfied, he got a second chance with love of his life, and that was music.

amongs the few live little concert i've been to there was one of alternate rock, which i think is still the best and unique. perhaps its more of your personal choice of music and ambience that you like some or not. now this guy who is the lead guitarist, with another friend abroad, plans for a music documentory, and they go places meeting street musicians, learning a sharing their bit of the work and love for music. the overall effort, though loaded heavily on their own shoulder for support was successful, as the film was shortlisted to screen in newyork film festival.

when it comes to money, yes, few are crazy enough to support themselves and still go on with their choice of lives (here the band/hobby/music specially). but few are methodical. note the point, that music youre' making isnt always close to your heart. few get chances, get their album out, offcoz get some money in return and get in to this music making process along with. but then, is that music is really what they thought they live for. one of my collegue, the drummer i mentioned earlier, initially got along with campus bands, and kept performing. then he gets a chance with a band, working on their first album. he is with them still. they are working on their second. their first album is probably a 1/2*. one two songs are regionally popular. personally i dint find any impressive work. but he defended. "you need money, you have to survive first" . may be he's right, but. aint that business?

Supporting music as your hobby is easier these days. You can be on a cool job and persue your hobby part time. my ex-collegue, one of quite popular dj in san jose SFO area, is as good at his work as with his music. he performs on weekends and get back on work sunday night. life is cool and hip for him. and he's enjoying his life to the fullest. another things he mention is, he likes what he makes, his own music.

Yesterday while I was watching this much hyped movie, "Rock ON" I thought about all this. what's being so special? another DCH with a hitch, is this what really a band thing is all about? is this what justify the rock? or music of any sort? is it merely the fame? is it really a thing of an immature? or band is a possibility of few likeminded people coming together, for the sake of their desires, their passion, their own inner satisfation.

and well as for the movie goes, i think it was just another average likeble, with few good tracks.
and offcoz if farhan can sing, I too can.

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