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7/09/2008 07:59:00 AM

My overnight stint of designing the front-page of my website is over. and I can look forward to the pending assignments, but while i take this little break before getting into thy businesses, another jungle of thoughts, blows from the west. Its gonna be little hard for me to concentrate so let me pour it out and this time well with some character representations just like the characters in my story of ABCDs, american based confused desiies...

So whats this fuzz bout ABCDs? well hard to get until your're really one of 'em. Yes, I to do my titbits of jumping east n west.. but I am yet to be the part of it and dont really come with that parcel. ( I just keep $s thats it ;)) but what really comes is ...

knwledge.. like those who never read the indian constitution would stun you with their baisc knowledge of the californian state policies,
cars.. well why complain you dont have roads in here,
nightlife - whats your favourite pick-up line?,
long drives - 400 miles in all 12 directions,
hobbies - parking lot full on with trucks and boats attached,
extending working hours - u can see green bulbs of sametime at 4'AM in the morning and 100 mails in your inbox, ...communities, walmart, and ...well..well.. this list is long with a ? Yup.. the big question mark.

Hmm.. if you could ever mind you're NRI collegue explaining you the signalling systems on SFO roads and from how many angles it'd click your pictures and send in to you in envelope while you break a signal. or one friend of yours buying an camery or accord and calling your little ALTO an AUTO. I happend to stay with a couple of "friends" of mine for 3-4 weeks, as they landed me a helping hand with my staying problem, well they were too busy to help me find a niche place. while me and another girl who flew from NC could cook, there was this lady, wife of a cisco employee, trained in Taj, Bglre who used to come for cooking some 3-4 dishes with rate like some $45-50 for 2 hours. this was considering, when you had the vegitable arranged, and if you could help her cut the vegis the she might fry some more. this is one weeks food with the readymade rice and cooked chapatis from indian stores.
for her bad luck, I did help her cut the vegitable once and she never showed up again. I was too fast for her :(

Get-togethers are part of singles/married and amongs the co-workers apart from regular dinings and luncheons. afternoon planning, a quick trip to the safeway on the way to walmart, and back home and your party is ready to rore. whats more, if only singles, head away to the pubs, and its just desi's all around messing if not doing anything else. the objective is to scan figures and come back. well no more luck.. did watch that movie "american chai" sometime back? not that weird too.. but alrighty, sunday is not far. and you're back to the little masterhead and in to the machine world...
quick get-aways and trips around and per-say your'e adventurous. you got a lot activities out there. it is costly, so what!, every trip to walmart costs you a minimum 40 bucks... and the proud indian-stores, charge you triple the indian price.

So what so confusing about being a ABCD, is that you live two lives as in one , but is that something exceptional?. well while you switch between the metros in india itself you're life changes. then what makes these ABCDs that specifics. forget the indian attire of NRIs and how the real state treats them, the attitude is the most alluring factor which make them confuse?

there is no two way communications, expect yourself to listen and only listen and not to be heard... well what do you know about america? what do you know about the world? life? politics, cars... another topic.. global warming...never talk about how you drive? the quick round wouldnt match the speed in miles car is moving and the only thing you'd remember at the end of it is you dont know driving. some time you spend in that state ..and you' know the long lasting friendship set in india is ready to expire...

Go to a trip, better being away from the apple i-phone cum gps ones'. some stint with ABCDR thats the restur..since they might not understand the local names of the same indian veges and you might feel you're sitting in an ethiopians' eating the most commons of them all. take it if you're worst in ordering.. and before you arrive and get back to the office mails. the latest flash on the desktop is the xls, taxes included. come to office and it might turn out easier to communicate to your american boss then your desi lead. you dont understand his accent. and besides all this I am thinking I can understand, why am I still labelled confused?

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  1. poonam..i read your first post 3 hours ago..and now i have just read the second one.!u really make thinks presentable... i got off track while reading in the mid of the post..donno its the fault of the quality of ur post or my reading speed...but u have ended it well! :)

  2. There comes an honest opinion...yup.. fault of my post.. i got in to a serial on *TV and my thoughts ran off in the middle.. and i lost the track.. I wanted to elobarate it a little more but i think I'll make a movie of it. so let the post be corrected only and you have fun reading..

    keep commenting..

  3. Nice use of of words..nice flow..njoyed a lot..
    keep posting!!

  4. The new graphics on your site are really the work of some inspired artist... Liked the new interface...

  5. @chintan. Hey thanks, as much I loved making it..

    keep commenting..

  6. 1st of all... an innovative design (web page), congs.

    Nice ABCD, we all shud learn it.. maybe we can help it by sticking to our roots.

    Well written... keep bloggin'

  7. The front design is really colorful now, though It seems to be haphazard a little. anyways, its you who should like it:)!
    I don't want to lie, and i didn't like it much. It was better before. But stick with thAt which you prefer and like more.

    About your post, its useless to corelate oneself with the country where one took birth.
    A man (human) of mind always uses his rational faculty to analyze things he comes accross. I have read indian constitution British constitution and American secopnd amanedment too.
    Indian constitutuion is a pile of plagiarization and is very flawed in its intent and needs a proper rational amendments which should be done NOT BY POLITICIANS but by individuals of society.
    American constitution after second amendment is surely much btter still, it needs much more liberal rational analyzation.
    British constitution is going allong socialistic ways and needs a proper check otherwise, its the Britain which is seriously under threat of brain drain.

    Furthermore, Indian roads are good at some states while somestates have no roads in pratical, the roads are only of names.

    no matters american roads are better or not, Indian roads need to be better.
    But until politicians and socialistic government will remain, nothing good will happen at speed.
    need is of more individual freedom.

    Plese read this for roads, Private roads

  8. Thank You Unpretentious Diva!
    yup! I do like it and cold make it thanks to BFs' site was an inspirations for sure.

    regarding post, the objective is to highlight an average life of ABCDs specially the techies.. the point is to make sure, we retain our identity and remain what we are. which i dont think really happens.. there is an old saying about those hanging in the middle.. BTW life'snt that bad either..

    comments of your's though is lil diverting.. anyways.,
    keep commenting..

  9. Hi ,

    I was reading ur blog posts and found some of them to be wow.. u write well.. Why don't you popularize it more.. ur posts on ur blog took my particular attention as some of them are interesting topics of mine too;

    BTW I help out some ex-IIMA guys who with another batch mate run www.rambhai.com where you can post links to your most loved blog-posts. Rambhai was the chaiwala at IIMA and it is a site where users can themselves share links to blog posts etc and other can find and vote on them. The best make it to the homepage!

    This way you can reach out to rambhai readers some of whom could become your ardent fans.. who knows.. :)


  10. liked your frontpage logo...u have a good flow of writing..keep it up

  11. @tarun
    thanks, keep commenting..do write more..

    @ray, thanks ray, i believe I saw the same comment a one couple of other pages as well ;), but anyways thanks for the comment.

    @renju, thanks renju.. keep commenting..

  12. hey...read this one right after finishing "Keep of the grass" by Karan Bajaj...so unknowingly some comparisons happened yar...u finished the post quite well, though i had no clue wht u were attempting at in the middle para's...gud one nonetheless..

  13. hey sandeep.. not sure why you feel its out of the flow.. the middle paragraphs are the one of the real experience which makes the actual story come out. and shows the life of a actual ABCD...

    nevermind :) keep commenting..

  14. hey...never said it goes out of flow...i meant that the power with which u started off and it ends...that is lackin in the middle para's...maybe because of the story telling mode in the middle one's....would have been an excellent one if middle had the same punch with which ur post starts and closes...good attempt poonam...

  15. well
    frankly speaking
    the floe was kinda broken...incoherent even at times. but individually the para's look good

  16. Ok! psycho, happens sometime.. i just write my mind out..and sometime it just doesn't talk in flow.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. @kumpal..
    well just be yourself. thats it..

    thank you for visitin.. keep commentin..

  19. well
    frankly speaking
    the floe was kinda broken...incoherent even at times. but individually the para's look good


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