The Art of Begging

7/20/2008 03:28:00 PM

Railway stations, Bus stops, temples, tourist spots, where you wouldn't find the beggars? well here for those who beg and also look like beggars. (the other types? they are anyways around, dint get it right? have a glance at your boss first thing in the morning.)

A beggars' outlook would tell his entire story to you just by looking at him once. torn and dirty clothes, no shoes, long and shabby hair, a bowl in his hands, that's how one would visualize a beggar, isn't it? India produces most of the beggars in the world. well that's what might people think. and I'd defend sayin, why beggars, India's production rate is no lesser in the other categories, so that be of engineers, or doctors, or anything to anyone for that matter. we believe in wholesale right? anyways, like fashion, most of these things are trendy, or bhedchaal as its called in hindi. you'd find huge chunk around yourself those have been just the blind followers in their whole entire life, no using their mind even once.

coming back to beggars and begging, aged people, women with babies to the kids, an emotional moment or two probably and you loose your pocket out of sympathy. have anyone ever instructed you, not ot give them the money? well most of us dont really care, actually you dont get time to think. its an instant reaction. I remember outside a temple near my house, there was this old woman, she used to cry like hell. however she'd never say that she wants the coins only, one day when I just moved to my back a few steps ahead looking at something, I saw her throwing the prasad I just gave her. Same had been the case at Mysore chamundi hills. there were these foreigners who while been bugged by the beggars offered those coconuts to them and they simply refused. One so called saint in haridwar almost got me into an argument, she was asking for a blanket, and I seeing her wrapped up in a new shawl, muttered, as to why she's begging, she's got the new shawl, she's got good clothes, and she is walking in good quality shoes! she absolutely hated me then.

While there may be a lot of people, who'd really be in need and begging, not all of them are true, and same goes for number around the world as well. Indian might have the majority, but at the same time USA's got them too. though you might not recognize all of 'em that easily. and the lines those rules, won't be the same either.

I was on a redlight down the VTA station bridge, when I saw this gentleman with long white beard sitting on a bench with his head down. his shoes were fine. he has a nice coat on. he wasn't speaking anything. a little my car moved I saw a board hanging in his neck, saying HOMELESS. I dint understand how he was imagining that one of those fast cars would stop at the signal and call him in or the person might comeout and help him someway while its something next to impossible since this is the great USA.

how many of us, have this hunger for compliments? this much, that you start blushing soon as you get the compliment, without even thinking that person uttering those lovely lines to you is true to his/her words or not. To start with such lines might be a conversation starter "in India", like, a couple of rounds of flirting and you might get into another budding friendship, But but but, well same' might not be true in USA.

Are you Mexican?
No I am an Indian.
Oh. You look gorgeous.
Really! well thank you so much.
Ah! No Problem......a,,,,a,, you got some change?

Hmm, this is quite fast BTW. you get into the conversation, its just 5 bucks out at the end.
found these burning questions on net,

Where do you find cyber-beggars?
donate to cyber-beggars
What is Internet begging?
What is cyber panhandling?
I want to beg online.
Where can I beg online?
Where do people beg online?
Where can I beg for money online?
The answer of course is ...(i don't advertise that site)

Anyways, so these being the legacy beggars. but what about the rest? you gifting a guitar to a friend on his birthday, just because you think he' loves music, just because he says he wants someone to give it to him, just because you think that someone is you only since you are the one he is telling this to, or just because he thinks you're an emotional fool.

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  1. ha ha ha...this was by far ur best post...amongst the ones i have read...thanks for letting me know of the "american" way...will keep this in mind...funny one yaar...keep it coming...

  2. hmmm!! things are surely getting global ;)

  3. But but but, well same' might not be true in USA.

    well i dont think so ........oh u said might ..... ok fine hehehe

    excellent post !!

  4. @sandeep..
    glad you liked it sandeep, yup this is kind of usual in US,so beware..haha

    @T.h.E. b.L.e.S.s.E.d. O.n.E
    well thanks for commenting..

    I did used the word "might" since I dint want to make my friends come scold me..

    keep commenting folks..appreciated.

  5. A very nicely designed blog and very well-written ofcourse.
    Keep up the good work

  6. thanks kandarp. keep readin ..keep commentin..

  7. begging ain't just an art, it's a business!

  8. hey but i guess beggars dun annoy u in USA as much as they do in INDIA's illegal there is it ?

  9. Nice post. Worth reading for sure. Keep up the good work.

  10. Nice post, one thing u cud have said is begging comes from the instinct of humans to get things on a platter, without hard work, if u don't call begging work that is..

    More articles of your blog deserve to be read.. i'll keep coming..

  11. @psycho,
    even doin business is an art what say?

    yup.. not indian way for sure.. but they then have different methods altogether..

    thanks keep visiting..


    thanks, yup.. i just poured in some exp ..wasnt meaning to define the same,,.

    thanks for appreciating my work.. keep visitin..keep oommentin..

  12. it was wow feeling.. very nicely written on begging.. it is our emotional quotient which allows us to help begger or be like begger.. i liked ur post... gr8 keep it up....

  13. glad you liked it 'bestabhi'. keep visitin.. keep commentin...

  14. nice topic to write on!seriously nice work!

  15. nice post on one of the most happening 'industries' in India. I rem a newspaper reported that the turnover of this industry is 180cr in Mumbai alone!

  16. woh oh!!
    a kool post gal..must admit..
    a lot of observation takin place thr.. ;)
    realy njoyd ths post..cheers!!

  17. @shruti..
    I thought of some other title and changed in the middle of writin.

    @$ @ η ..u bet.

    @$ulakshna Wadhwa
    its just observations eatin our mind up there..right..:)

    thanks folks keep visitin..keep commentin .

  18. Hi there, that was a really interesting post! Kudos!!


  19. u got some change??:-P

  20. sounds interesting !!

    very well written !!

    keep posting ~~ \m/

  21. @balu,
    well thank you.

    nopes as always.

    interesting ? ahan..

    thanks guys ..keep visitin.. keep commentin.

  22. great blog you've got..
    one of the best i have ever come across.

  23. thanks swarnadeep for appreciatin my work.
    keep visitin..

  24. First of all ... nice description of ur blogspot.. came across a new word netizen.

    Nice observation abt beggars... spcly in last paragraph..

    Keep good work goin.


  25. well the world is flat--need i say more?
    the indian pedigree of beggars need to streamline their process like their counterparts in US..or perhaps we need to recognise it. ;)

  26. very well written post, and a beautifully designed blog too. keep posting.

  27. nicely done blog .unique approch,good work.

  28. @farsi, glad i could add another word in ur precious vocub,
    the last paragraph? that costs me at 3000 bucks.

    @aby ..perhaps they need to.. good for us eitherways..

    @sid ..thanks for appreciating..

    @lonely inside.. read the post as well.

    keep commenting folks..thank you all.

  29. so very true
    jz bak frm a train jrny wer i spend sum 25 bucks on beggars
    they dun e1 need a ticket
    its high tym v giv dem der due status n respect

    very well presented

  30. my prev comment ...ME LEFT SPEECHLESS...
    A NEW DIMENSION, Gt to have some chnge in future...


  31. @paranormal me..

    hope you get something next time :)

    thanks for commentin..keep visitin..appreciate it.

  32. hey but i guess beggars dun annoy u in USA as much as they do in INDIA's illegal there is it ?

  33. A very nicely designed blog and very well-written ofcourse.
    Keep up the good work


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