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Buddha Statue, Diskit Nubra Valley, Ladakh

"Where ever you go... just there, you are. Going day by day. So let's see where it takes me! Namaste. _/|\_"

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

1 City 2 Girls 3 States 4 National Parks 5 Days - UT, WY, ID : January 2015 Road Trip

1 City 2 Girls 3 States 4 National Parks 5 Days, i.e. 1644 miles of madness - this mother of all road trip till date. I remember last time i covered this much distance was in south Indian states of karnataka, tamilnadu, puducherry and kerala, the 10 days long road trip in Dec 2010. Each day was one story then, each day is one story even now. In past 5 years and after numerous road trips, I feel I am still not able to write a complete memoir, who can? unless you're fully dedicated to writing. Thank goodness, this is my personal space, so I can produce all the silly headlines in the world, one of them is this, rhythmic of course, for few.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Tree Named Joshua : California Nevada Dec'14 Series #3

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Chapter 1 : Finding Cuyamaca
Chapter 2 : The Road to Mecca

the very unique  and stunning Joshua Trees in Mojave

Why my very first research on Southern California left me perplexed is an interesting story. I have herpetophobia or ophidiophobia or both. Atleast I think so. Though I have seen a python in the forest and No, I did not run for my life, ( I surprise me everyday. ) but seriously, reptiles, in fact anything that slithers just make me feel very uneasy.

I remember one of my friend spent a few weeks in Mojave, and he kept posting pictures of these beautiful lizards ( beautiful from 'far' to be noted) and colorful sparkling snakes and though I kept giving a 'thumbs up' I always wished he wouldn't post another one. It also made me think that this area is full of reptiles and if I am every camping here, It'll only be car camping.

Having said that, No one ever told me about Bigfoot. Yes BIGFOOT - until I googled Mojave and There it rolled - one story after the other.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

And so, She decided to start living the life She'd imagined...

I may be 10-12, we used to live in this 2 floor house we built in 30-50 sq ft land and has this very small porch w/ no fence. an open colony of 20-30 houses, a good size park in the center, should someone yell on the other side of the rectangular park, each door would open in no time and everyone would be on the street and began chitchatting, sometime squeamish, the gossip will suffice for a day long fun. One of those fine days, a monkey visited our lovely neighborhood. It must be early morning, around 7 am or so, should have been a Saturday or Sunday, or why would i'd be sitting on the porch, holding my toothbrush, my eyes glued in to fresh green leaves of a bean plant my mum was growing in the small front-yard. I must be in deep thinking, when my mom came out, shooked me a little - what are you doing here? and where is this monkey came from, I looked up, A huge monkey, old perhaps, sitting there like a statue, 4 feet away, just staring at me. Looks Hungry I guess, should get him some food I thought and announced. So my mother and I both went inside, I found a packet of roasted chana in the kitchen, thought the monkey would like it, I come out w/ the pack, throw it in front of the monkey and just sit there, watch. the fellow still doesn't move. I realize I have perhaps thrown like a immature spinner and ball stopped half way to the stumps, and he dint see it, so I slowly put two steps forward, bent my knees, try to reach the packet - just when the monkey grabs my long hair with both hands and next moment my 3rd eye is in his mouth.